USE 4 NAMES TO HOLD A RESERVATION. Reserve at 7PM every night. Player's name can only appear in ONE Prime Time (gold and orange boxes) and in ONE NON-Prime Time (white box) daily.

Lincoln Hills Pickleball

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Sat Dec 5 9:13:31 amSun Dec 6 Mon Dec 7 Tue Dec 8

Sat, Dec 5

 Court 1Court 2Court 3Court 4Court 5Court 6Court 7Court 8Court 9Court 10Court 11Court 12Court 13
8:00am8:00am8:00amLois Savage; l Frasier; s Favela d west8:00amCarolyn Conyers g ramdens j Sharaky p watzCarole Melrose Robert munez Laura Hamilton Roy"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
8:30am"""""""Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
9:00amDrop In Drop In Drop In Marcia Hughes T Paslaqua M Guantone D StarkSandy MacCullough JHinman CMosca NShipleyDrop-innancy cummings ldresner jpanneton jmatsonSkills Training Skills Training Patti Hanson; S Fox; C. Rinde; G. MillerTerry Tibbetts R Lee T Quallick S WhalenSkills Training Peggy Holt JBacich pmackirdy MWalters
9:30amDrop In Drop In Drop In ""Drop-in"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
10:00amDrop In Drop In Drop In Emily Madrid GMotta SCoates CHooperIngela Orlove JOrlove ACampbell MSwansonDrop-in"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
10:30amDrop In Drop In Drop In ""Drop-inR Greeno M Rand c Fraser R MeiklejohnSkills Training Skills Training Mike Mosca; KKlein; MGardner; RLembergMitch Miladinovich DRinde SWallraven JFavelaSkills Training Jesse Reuter amayorga rnorman mcarson
11:00amDrop In Drop In Drop In Cindy Anderson A Mitchell P Mitchell K ShalilehClaudia Dehart SJowers DConnell RFitzmauriceDrop-in"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
11:30amDrop In Drop In Drop In ""Drop-in"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
12:00pmDrop In Drop In Drop In 12:00pm12:00pmDrop-inCarol Nakao MKeaney KHafenrichter KGomenSkills Training Skills Training Linda Swinton CGiananni DWest SKochmanCindy Pulliam mwestby vreynolds lpowersSkills Training 12:00pm
12:30pm"""""""Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm1:00pm"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
1:30pm""""""1:30pmSkills Training Skills Training 1:30pmMike Scriven VMorrison +2Skills Training Susan ; Reta B ; Ida C Kay P
2:00pm2:00pm2:00pm2:00pm2:00pmSally Watkins T Reasonover S McLaughlin S SchafsmaPaullette Greeno nancy Johnson - drill"Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
2:30pm"""""""Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
3:00pmDidi Martin L Schaumeffer M Gardner K Spencer3:00pm3:00pm3:00pm3:00pm3:00pmMary keaney m mkelroy b Cannistraci S KlotzSkills Training Skills Training Judie Panneton e moffett a moffett j pannetonnancy johnson canderson dmiller sjohnsonSkills Training 3:00pm
3:30pm"""""""Skills Training Skills Training ""Skills Training "
4:30pm""""""4:30pm4:30pm4:30pm4:30pm4:30pm4:30pmSue Clarke JClarke MShipley NShipley
5:00pm5:00pmJSmyrak LDresner ADobin RDobin5:00pm5:00pm5:00pmIngela Orlove JOrlove DFlatter PFlatter"""""""

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