Announcement: 9/5-9/23 BALL MACHINE RESTRICTED TIMES. Member Time: Weekdays 6:00 AM-3:00 PM; Weekends 6:00 AM-1:30PM. Please take first player spots 1-4 on each court, then spots 5&6. Non Priority and Court 10 reservations may be made after 3pm the previous day.

Sun Lakes Pickleball Club IronOaks

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Fri Sep 22 12:01:18 pmSat Sep 23 Sun Sep 24 Mon Sep 25 Tue Sep 26 Wed Sep 27 Thu Sep 28

Wed, Sep 20 Show Courts 5-10  Show All

 Court 1 Player 1Court 1 Player 2Court 1 Player 3Court 1 Player 4Court 1 Player 5Court 1 Player 6Court 2 Player 1Court 2 Player 2Court 2 Player 3Court 2 Player 4Court 2 Player 5Court 2 Player 6Court 3 Player 1Court 3 Player 2Court 3 Player 3Court 3 Player 4Court 3 Player 5Court 3 Player 6Court 4 Player 1Court 4 Player 2Court 4 Player 3Court 4 Player 4Court 4 Player 5Court 4 Player 6
4:30am6:00AM 2.0 CTS 1-47:30AM 3.0 CTS 1-49:00AM 2.0 CTS 1-410:30AM 3.0 CTS 1-412:00PM Member Reservable CTS 1-41:30PM Member Reservable CTS 1-4BlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00am6:00amBrenda Halpain 2.0Sandy Hunt 2.06:00amSusie La Salvia 2.0Nathan Ellis 2.0Debby Busfield 2.0Bill Corso 3.5Troy amdahlSteve newkirkJ D Hunt 3.5XX
7:30amPatrick O'Connell 3.0Jerry Miguel 3.0John Sinicki 3.0Stan Klein 3.0Geoffrey Krakora 3.0TPhil Jay 3.0Joe Koken 3.0Jeanne Hecht 3.07:30am7:30am7:30am7:30amMary Ann Smith 3.0Rollie Bettendorf 3.0Carolyn S Larsen 3.0Kerry Schafer 3.07:30am7:30amMarlene Paschke 3.07:30am7:30amMary Jo Joseph-Duby 3.07:30am7:30am

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