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Sun, Feb 12

 Court 1Court 2Court 3
7:00amOpen PlayOpen PlayOpen Play
7:30amOpen PlayOpen PlayOpen Play
8:00amOpen PlayOpen PlayOpen Play
8:30amOpen PlayOpen PlayOpen Play
10:00amSharon PierottiCharles PetersonGwen Myers
10:30amSharon PierottiCharles PetersonGwen Myers
11:00am11:00amCharles PetersonGwen Myers
11:30am11:30amCharles PetersonGwen Myers
12:00pm12:00pmLee DanielsonKathy Arneson
12:30pm12:30pmLee DanielsonKathy Arneson
1:00pm1:00pmLee DanielsonKathy Arneson
1:30pm1:30pmLee DanielsonKathy Arneson
2:00pm2:00pmDulcy BentlerMary Gordon
2:30pm2:30pmDulcy BentlerMary Gordon
3:00pmRosie Cihak3:00pmMary Gordon
3:30pmRosie Cihak3:30pmMary Gordon
4:00pmBill Rottschaefer4:00pm4:00pm
4:30pmBill Rottschaefer4:30pm4:30pm
5:00pmBRENDA KAVA5:00pm5:00pm
5:30pmBRENDA KAVA5:30pm5:30pm
6:00pmBRENDA KAVA6:00pm6:00pm
6:30pmBRENDA KAVA6:30pm6:30pm

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